• Everyone Agrees

    We have all the best vaping supplies in town.
  • We’ve Been in This Industry a Long Time

    We have a deep-seated passion for, and a sincere commitment to what vaping offers the smoking community, and we have stood by this conviction all along.
  • Deluxe Vaping Lounge

    Kick back and destress. Bring your friends or make friends in our deluxe vaping lounge.
  • On Location Head Shop

    Visit our store where we have a large collection of the latest alternative smoking devices.
  • You Can Visit Our Brick & Mortar Store

    Come visit our store and try out the merchandise before you buy it. While you’re here, sample some e-juice for free.
  • E-Juice Galore

    We carry several different brands of e-juice with many different flavors.
  • You Can Buy It Here or In Our Store

    Everything you can purchase here on our website, you can also walk in and purchase at our store.

About Us

Meet Our Team Members


Sebastian Lyner
Client Partner


Jenn McCoy
Client Partner


Brian Byer
VP Business


James McCrae
Director of Brand


Joseph Cavanna
Director of Information


Tatyana Khamdamova
Director of Design


Roman Shekin
Director of


Jonathan Mark
Group Director, Media
& Marketing Services


John Marcinuk
Group Director,
Marketing Production


Gabriel Shaoolian
Managing Director


Saturdays Beginning at 4:00 PM
in the Lounge at Vape Monster
189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Send us your photo and we’ll add it to our website. Better yet, come by our shop at 189 The Grove Drive in Los Angeles and show us what you can do. Even better still, come by the shop on any Saturday between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM and join other vapers for the weekly exhibition. We will have drinks, munchies, and a great time.