Team Members


Sebastian Lyner | Client Partner

Seb manages a team of Account Directors focused on delivering outstanding websites and successful digital marketing campaigns across a range of clients and sectors. As Client Partner, Seb works with clients to enable Vape Monster to meet the needs, vision and goals of their business, while acting as a managing director for the account team, ensuring that all the team resources are delivering great work on time. Seb ensures that as well as positive outcomes, the team is oriented to ensure that both client and agency get the most out of the partnership and the journey.

Seb has two decades of experience in integrated and digital marketing, across clients in every vertical sector, including Automotive, B2B, FS, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Travel and Not-For-Profit. He brings a vital holistic perspective to the work Vape Monster does with its clients.


Jenn McCoy | Client Partner

Jenn has over a decade of experience in digital project management and marketing. Her clients have included brands in the B2C and B2B e-commerce space and industries such as beauty, food & beverage, healthcare, logistics, technology and education.

As a Client Partner, Jenn acts as the advocate for the client within Vape Monster. Jenn leads a team of Account Directors while she manages resources on each project to provide strategic direction to ensure clients meet their business goals. She has excellent client communication skills and excels at working through complex builds and understanding custom business processes. All of Jenn’s hard work ensures that the projects produced are Vape Monster quality.


Jonathan Mark | Group Director, Media & Marketing Services

Jonathan Mark has more than 15 years of experience providing creative marketing solutions across all digital and traditional marketing channels. He has worked at some of the biggest agencies in New York, beginning his career at GREY before launching his own startup, a food-themed social network. Jonathan sold his startup to, which then tapped him to be its Vice President of Marketing, where he served prior to joining Vape Monster.


Brian Byer | VP Business Development

Brian is VP of Business Development for Vape Monster. Brian brings his strategic focus, sales, marketing, management and business analysis expertise gained through 20 years of diverse experience with a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. With a strong knowledge base across many industry verticals, Brian is the ideal client partner to lead our business development efforts. Brian received his degree in Economics from the University of Colorado. When not at work Brian can be seen striking fear into his opponents on the tennis courts of Long Island.


James McCrae | Director of Brand Strategy

James McCrae is a Strategy Director and author at the intersection of business, technology, and creativity. He has extensive experience in the digital space, working with everyone from Fortune 500 brands to startups to nonprofits.

As a thought-leader in strategy and branding, James has built several brands from the ground up, and created unique digital platforms that execute the brand vision and convert customers. As a hybrid creative/strategic thinker, James applies expertise in naming, messaging, information architecture, visual identity, marketing, and branding to solve critical business challenges.


Joseph Cavanna | Director of Information Architecture

As a Director of Information Architecture & UX, JC is responsible for overseeing all IA/UX projects, ensuring deliverables and timelines are met. He has a team of six Information Architects who define site structure, user scenarios and wireframes along with defining the site features and functionality. He is particularly involved with large, complex projects across many different industries. His primary goal is to ensure the end-users of the interface have a rich and efficient experience which will result in higher conversion rates for the clients’ business.

JC brings over 17 years of experience where he has worked with a number of big brand names including Colgate, Sprint, Canon, AOL, Carnegie Fabrics, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank. His approach is very team oriented and he brings a high level of detail to projects, believing communication with stakeholders and users is key to outlining a successful user experience. Outside of Vape Monster, he is a musician and audio engineer who likes to travel.


Tatyana Khamdamova | Director of Design

With over a decade of experience in art direction and interactive design, Tatyana was able to see how having a website went from luxury to necessity for small and large companies. She has lead the planning and design on some of the most challenging projects, which have gone to win numerous awards. Tatyana loves to see how the industry is changing, analyze what's necessary for the current users and provide the best solutions that help companies grow their businesses throughout their websites.

Tatyana approaches all projects with enthusiasm and a strong desire to create fresh, insightful and relevant ideas. She has the technical understanding of how the front-end design should work with a back end custom content management system. Tatyana is a big fan of making the work the best it can be and leads her team by example.


Roman Shekin | Director of Development

Roman has been with Vape Monster since the beginning and his skills as a visionary, leader, technologist and project manager have been critical to the success enjoyed by the company.

As the head of Vape Monster’s development department, Roman has built one of the world’s leading development teams. Roman’s team of 50+ project managers and developers has provided the sophisticated technological infrastructure behind many of the award-winning sites created by the Vape Monster team.

Roman’s work includes advanced e-commerce sites, complex online communities, sophisticated intranets connecting employees around the world and a host of other cutting-edge projects.

The key to Roman’s success is his uncanny ability to take a complex project and break it down into a step by step development, with a phased approach. Using a pro-active approach, Roman not only succeeds in making his clients’ online dreams come to fruition, he goes beyond their expectations, making business-based suggestions that provide clients with an even greater return on their online business investment.

Roman has created and implemented strict standards for development and quality control that not only result in the highest quality websites, but websites that are designed economically and efficiently.

Roman maintains the highest professional standards and demands the same level of professionalism and excellence from his entire development team.


John Marcinuk | Group Director, Marketing Production

John is an experienced digital marketer focused on SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Content Strategy. John leads a team of content writers, optimization and analytics specialists, who all work together in a seamless manner to drive optimum results for our clients.

Having touched all channels of online marketing in his career, his SEO methodology has become the industry standard that others attempt to emulate. John is a true thought leader and anticipates the growing importance of fully integrated marketing efforts driving visibility in search. He’s a sucker for great UX and a firm believer that content is the cornerstone of strong relationships with customers.


Gabriel Shaoolian | Managing Director

When Gabriel Shaoolian founded Vape Monster, his plan was to have a small team dedicated to producing the highest level of work for his clients. As he achieved great results for his early clients, the company was able to grow organically.

As more quality clients came to Vape Monster, the company was able to attract the top talent in design, development and marketing. Today, Vape Monster has nearly 140 employees in offices around the world and has a client roster that includes Procter & Gamble, Harper Collins, Oprah, NFL, Publishers Clearing House, the United Nations, Oppenheimer Funds and the European Union.

"I didn't start out with the idea of turning Vape Monster into a large agency."

Mr. Shaoolian has grown his company by producing web sites and web marketing programs designed to provide the highest possible return on investment for his clients. Vape Monster results driven websites greatly enhance the profitability of its clients’ businesses.

"I didn't start out with the idea of turning Vape Monster into a large agency, Mr. Shaoolian says. But by delivering the highest quality work, the growth has come naturally. While we have grown, we have not done so at the expense of the quality of our work or the quality of our team." Vape Monster was recently recognized as the No. 541 fastest growing private company in America by Inc. Magazine. The company also received a 5-Star Dun & Bradstreet rating for outstanding service and quality of work and has won GSA Certification.